Frequently Asked Questions

I want to keep my mobile app idea confidential. Will you sign an NDA with me?

Yes, we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) always when a client wants it. We can do it at the very beginning before we discuss your project’s detail, or at another stage of the process – it’s up to you.

Do I own the ownership and the code of my mobile application?

Yes, you are the owner of Intellectual Property rights at all times.

Where is your development team located?

As we have been incorporated during Covid 19 pandemic situation we did not opened a physical office. Our team is distributed on different cities and different countries mostly in CIS region.

What developers do you have?

We have developers of iOS, Android, Flutter, Backend and Web applications. As well our team consists also of Scrum Masters, UX/UI designers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Business Analyst.

Having these experts on board, we are able to take the whole app development process of your shoulders, so you can focus on the business.

How would you structure the development team?

We adjust the team’s size according to your needs.

Is it possible to hand over the code at some point to the other team?

Yes. The code we create is very readable and well documented, which makes it easy to transfer the project to another team if needed.

Maybe it will be better and chipper to hire a team of developers instead of using your service?

As in most other industries, you need to have an experience to find necessary peoples to team, efficiently manage them and get the needed result. To find peoples its need to define system architecture and need technologies to know which exactly specialists you need.

Than you need an experts who could choose guys you need from all candidates. From our experience in average from 100 candidates, we have around 20 interviews and accept around two people in our team. The rest we decline as they:

Than teams need to need to learn how to work together, and you will need to find a person who can efficiently manage them.

The most mistakes that could be made may significantly affect on timelines and cost of project. The part of our clients first tried to handle development on their side but they lost their time and money and they came to us in the end.

Will I be getting regular updates from you?

Yes, of course. After every Sprint Review, you will get:

According to your preferences, you can take part in the Review meeting, or just get the above-mentioned information with an E-mail.

Will you assist me to upload my Android app on the Play Store? / my iOS app on the Apple Store? How?

Yes, of course. We will upload your Android application on the Google Play Store and your iOS app on Apple Store. It is also a part of our app development process. We will also guide you through the app setup on the stores regarding the marketing materials, description, and legacy issues.

Do you do maintenance or just develop mobile apps?

Yes, we also do maintenance. App development is just a start. During the app maintenance, the development team implements app monitoring tools (e.g. Grafana, Crashlytics, Google Analytics, Firebase) to every product we have created. Thanks to these tools, we can detect any crashes, follow the app’s statistics, and plan product enhancement.

What if I need any change or modification in my application after release?

We invite you to cooperate with us in the form of app maintenance. This option gives you confidence that the team is available always when your project needs us.

If you do not decide on maintenance, you can contact us with a specific need, but whether we can help at the moment depends on the current booking of the team.

Will I be getting any support after project completion?

Yes. When we finish app development, we support you in the process of publishing your app on the Google Play Store, Apple Store, hardware or cloud services. Then, we offer you app maintenance services.

Is it possible to increase performance/count of supporting users of existing application?

In general cases – yes. However, complexity of such improvement depends on architecture and technologies used in existing project. In some rare cases, it may be easier and cheaper to develop the project from scratch

What is a native mobile app?

Such apps are built for a single mobile Operating System – mostly for Android or iOS.

They are downloaded and installed via an app store and have access to the system resources, such as GPS and the camera function. Native mobile apps live and run on a device itself. Whatsapp, Instagram, Google Maps are examples of popular mobile apps.

What is a web app?

Web apps are not native to a particular system and don’t need to be downloaded or installed. User accesses them via the internet browser. Due to their responsive nature, they do look and function similarly to native mobile apps. They need an active Internet connection to run

What does a App Development Company do?

In short, mobile app development companies create mobile applications with focus on delivering software that takes advantage of the unique features of mobile device hardware.

In our opinione, a top mobile app development company should be long-term partner who takes the whole app development process off its client’s shoulders. They should have proactive approach – treat your project as their own, and share ideas for the best possible outcomes.

How to choose the right App Development Company for my project?

You’ve decided to develop a app with a professional mobile app development company. The process of choosing the right partner may seem challenging for businesses or entrepreneurs, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

If you want to pick the best app development for your needs, probably you’re wondering how to do that.

We recommend you to verify a few factors when considering cooperation with a app development company. Here’s a checklist:

How does App Development process look like?

Here are the most important phases in app development you should know before jumping on the software development bandwagon.

Phase 1: Discovery

During this phase, you need to strategize and define the experience your app will deliver to its users. Who is the target audience? What problem will the app solve? An important deliverable of this phase is a solid product roadmap and the detailed technical requirements document.

Phase 2: App development

The development team writes the code and realize your mobile app idea. The duration of this phase will depend on the number of features and complexity. Note that testing will take place during the development phase as well.

Once your app has been developed and approved by the app store, it’s time for the launch!

Phase 3: Maintenance, support, and further development

Once your app is downloaded and used by real users, it’s worth to listen closely to their feedback. This will help you determine which features should be built next, or what you need to change in your product to deliver an even better experience.

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